When you are looking for the cheapest health insurance companies, first you can try with Medicare. But this service is not for everyone, the company who offer a cover Medicare only can do it if the applicant falls within 133% – 138% ranges of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Also, is a request for you to live in specific states.

For now if you can apply to insurance Medicare you can sign on Poverty Guidelines for 2020.

health insurance companies

In case people can’t apply for this cover, there are different health insurance companies with good benefits. When evaluating the different coverages take into account that in order to be practical, you must follow:

  1. Emergency service.
  2. Hospital care.
  3. Maternal care.
  4. Outpatient services.
  5. Care for drug abuse and mental health service.
  6. Prescription drug coverage.
  7. Laboratory services.
  8. Rehabilitation programs
  9. Preventive service coverage for well-being.
  10. Paediatric care.

One of the biggest things where you can find variations is in annual coverage rates. If you want to pay the smallest deductible you will have to pay more coverage. But if you choose a lower-medium coverage then you will have to constantly pay a much higher deductible. Here you will find several companies that offer comprehensive coverage of essential health services.

6 health insurance companies

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser permanente

Kaiser Permanente is available in eight US states. It was founded in 1945 and is one of the largest insurance companies. This company focuses on offering three types of plans:

  1. Affordable Care Act Plans: This is a plan that may also be known as Obamacare. It consists of offering a comprehensive insurance service with coverage in emergency services, maternity, payment of prescription drugs and more. This is the plan that is often recommended to most customers.
  2. Short-Term Plans: If you can’t afford Affordable Care Act Plans then you can consider this coverage. A short-term plan allows you to offset some of the costs in the event of a medical emergency. Yet, you will have to pay the annual state fine during your taxes.
  3. Medical Indemnity Plans: This plan serves as an assistant to cover the expenses of compensation when using a medical service. You can buy it individually but it will not exempt you from paying the fine for medical insurance.


health insurance companies aetna

Aetna is a company that offers health coverage since 1853. Currently it has more than 1.2 million professionals in the health area. The services they offer are in the area of ​​Medicare and Business.

If you want to inquire about the coverage, they offer the eHealth site where you can request information. Some of the plans that you will see are:

  1. Advantage plans. This plan allows hospital services, medical assistance and the delivery of some medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  2. Medicare supplement insurance plans. It makes it easier to cover some medical expenses and helps reduce deductibles to pay when you have an emergency.
  3. Part D plans. It allows to cover the costs of the medicines that the patient must consume.

Health insurance companies: Highmark

highmark health insurance companies

One of health insurance companies is Highmark. It was founded in 1996, it offers coverage to more than 4.6 million people. Although it’s only available in 3 states of the country.

They offer three main coverages:

  • Business. For companies to insure their workers.
  • Health. An individual health service with comprehensive health coverage.
  • Medicare. Coverage that seeks to cover the basic health needs for people over 65 years of age.
  • Chip. For children and young people under the age of 19 there is insurance that adapts to the stage of development in which they are.

Health Care Services Corporation

Health Care Services Corporation founded in 1936. Their catchword is “Caring of the members” this means that they are concerned with providing medical advice and assistance to its members immediately. they currently have more than 15 million people registered with Health Plan and works in 5 US states.

Also, offer two types of health insurance:

  • Tax Funded Service: Some of them like Medicare, Medicaid and Chip programs.
  • Private Financing Service: This can be employer sponsored insurance, business plans, and insurance for self-financing employers.

Health insurance companies: Wellcare

Wellcare is one of health insurance companies that offers coverage in more than 20 US states. It currently has more than 4 million members and more than 571 agreements with some providers in the health area.

Wellcare currently offers the health insurance program through:

  • Medicaid. Proposal coverage and costs depending on where you live. Among his plans he offers: Healthy choice, Wellcare advocate and Healthy rewards programs. To check the costs, you can use their virtual calculator.
  • Medicare. Provides coverage to people over 65 years of age and offers A-B-C-D plans. Besides, it offers a Prescription Drug plan that allows coverage of the medications that the patient needs.


It’s a company that emerged in 1961, then in 1980 they were exclusively dedicated to the health insurance business. Also, is considered # 1 in the category of “Social Responsibility” within the Rank Fortune’s.

Humana offers coverage for services:

  1. Medicare. Besides to the basic plans offered, it seeks to provide members with other complementary services that help to improve their health service.
  2. Business. It offers comprehensive health insurance packages for employers to insure their workers.
  3. Dental and vision. Coverage with dentists and area specialists is also available. You can get plans that cover all or part of the services you need.