Counting with an affordable health insurance could be difficult. But there are many options that you can choose if looking a cover in cases to need a medical attention. A lot of persons in US don’t use insurance, but they have to pay penalty or individual mandate in his taxes.

The price for don’t having health insurances must be done once a year in tax return. Even if you only are without insure one or two months, you have to pay it. When you calculated how much is it, you need to consider all members of your family and which ones doesn’t have it.

To calculate the percentage to pay there are to ways:

  1. Like annual household income percent. The only thing taken into account is the biggest income of the house
  2. Family members. Only considered the persons in home without insure.

You have to do both calculate but pay the higher amount.

Government insurances

Choose paying a penalty could be a good alternative for familiar groups that don’t have detected diseases or hereditary diseases. But there are different affordable health insurance that you can check.

  1. Medicaid.
  2. Obamacare.
  3. Medicare.

These institutions would be created to offer health insurance with really low prices compared to regular companies. If you have low earnings you can opt for an insurance financed by public funds.

How do I get good cheap health insurance?

For those who can’t opt for insurances financed by what is mentioned before, they also have other choices like private companies who offer quotation. Talking about the prices is necessary but important to consider, the cover to their services.

affordable health insurance
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3 affordable health insurance


This company offer Medicaid. In his cover you can find insurances for adults, kids and family. But only in the state of California, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nevada and Virginia. This benefit it seeks to give health care in the most appropriate place and at the time the patient deserves.

Also, you can choose Medicare, here you will find Part A, B, C, D plans. You will be able to review in detail each one and the costs and benefits they offer to know if it is the most appropriate for your age or medical condition.

United Health Care

Thinking about families who have lower incomes, United Health Care also brings services with Medicare y Medicaid.

On their website you can clearly find the plans along with the coverages for those who want to opt for Medicare. In the case of those who are more interested in the Medicaid plan, they will be able to review the basic services they offer.

United Health Care from the website makes it easy to know if you are a suitable candidate for either of the two programs. So, you can do it without the need to communicate with advisers by phone.

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This is an institution which explains all along all services they offer with Medicare. they give the possible buyer an idea the cover who can use. That’s why they can bring information about his cover easily if you find:

  • Medicare coverage available for first time or basics services.
  • Change to affordable health insurance for someone who adapted to lifestyle.
  • Don’t know the type Medicare you want to.

Besides to the basic Medicare policy, Cigna also offers a supplemental policy. In this way they can cover for a low price some extra medical expenses that are not previously covered. It also seeks to help each patient to choose the doctor or medical center they prefer and to know clearly and transparently all the policies related to their insurance before purchasing it.

All these companies are under the ACA, which represents affordable health insurance. This makes it easier for many low-income Americans to opt for a medical service as well.