Here we want to tell you what guardian dental insurance is. It is a specific insurance that offers some alternatives for buccal treatment. Some of them are: cleaning, preventive care, crowns, endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, and different treatment.

But, do you really need this? Many people in the United State don’t use it, but the choice depends from your buccal health and the estimate to pay for it.

“74 million Americans had no dental coverage in 2016”.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP).

Guardian dental insurance plan

Different providers of this services bring basic plans and major procedures. Also, it depends on the age and health of the person who is joining. The services for kids and teenagers mostly would need an insurance dental preventive like annual evaluation, cleaning, x-rays or sealants. And in some cases, could be necessary an orthodontic treatment for healing the teeth.

For a person in a rank age 21 – 65, could be necessary a guardian dental insurance with a more amplified cover. Preferably, this should offer routine office visits, treatment for restore, restorative care, fillings and crowns, oral surgery and periodontal treatment.

Also, you can find dental insurance for people over age 45. As a result of bone degeneration and calcium loss applicant, you need to consider cover for: preventive care, restoring, acute infections or lesions, dentures and bridges. Remember that keeping a healthy smile, helps to maintain emotional and stomach health.

3 guardian dental insurance providers


Guardian dental insurance shows you from its web site the policies to enjoy the benefits. Also, it offers more than 120,000 providers across the country for you to choose most convenient.

How is the cost for service? In these company you can start paying 8.06$ monthly. But it depends on the services that you will need. Also, you can make a shop from his site.

In his services, you can select annual maximum from 500$ until 2,500$. Also, Guardian dental prioritise preventive care to protect oral health in the long term.

Guardian dental insurance United Health Home

This is an insure that offers a standalone coverage. Don’t need to require a health plan for apply dental insure. For many services, age could be a problem but, with United Health Home doesn’t exist maximum age limit.

You must pay a monthly insurance premium. When using it, you must pay a deductible and the rest will be covered by the company. It should be noted that the deductible can be 30% or less depending on the plan chosen.

All plans have an annual limit. In the case of guardian dental insurance, it offers a limit within $ 1,000 – $ 3,000. That is if you select a Golden Rule Dental plan.

Cigna Dental

The rates handled by this dental insurance may be less than $ 19 a month. One of the qualities that stands out the most is preventive care for a cost of $ 0. This means that you will not have to pay anything to carry out treatments such as cleaning or dental x-rays.

Guardian dental insurance

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Cigna Dental has about 90,000 registered dentists. So anywhere in the United States you can be comfortably served. Also, if you have moved to a new place and you do not know the dentist, you can check the score that they have and the opinion of other people from the website. The company offers 3 main services:

Cigna dental preventive: you hace to pay $ 19 per person and you can only use it for preventive treatment.

Cigna dental 1000: $ 30 per month you can enjoy preventive and restorative service with a limit of $ 1000 per year. Deductible could cost individually $ 50 and familiar $ 150.

Cigna dental 1500: $ 35 per month can offer a coverage similar to dental 1000, only that it can cover up to $ 1,500 per year for restorative treatment and also provides an orthodontic service.

How to opt for cheaper services?

If you are thinking about some alternatives that allow you to save some money you can choose:

  1. Dental emergency fund.
  2. Dental school.
  3. Community health center.

They can offer alternatives to cover the costs of dental treatment or provide a cheaper service. However, the most recommended is to make a monthly investment that gives you the opportunity to take care of your dental health.

Guardian is one of the cheapest but other choice like Cigna Dental would be effective depending of treatment that you or your family need.