The Insurance business is very complex. Probably you are waiting for the right auto insurance company to come along and to provide the safety your car needs. And if you are waiting to understand how this works, no matter if everything is going good for you. You will still needed and in this video we explained you how does it work a basic insurance.

The beginning of insurance

To make the long story short. Around 1700 in London, the captains of ship secured his charge from pirates paying to a third party. This prevents a family for losing their income of the shipwrecks, and that way make sailing more secure. So in the XVIII century was one of the most dangerous places to sale around the world. With pirates from Spain, France, Dutch and the same England. There was not much space for making a save trip to the Caribbean.

Anyway, from the ships in the Caribbean, to auto insurance companies in the US. Automobile insurances companies look forward to give you the safety that you need towards your vehicle.

Top 5 auto insurances companies in the US

There are bigger auto insurance companies with different rates for different type of people. In the next video you can see why are they the bigger ones.

When you research about car insurance, you can look for the price. But it’s not only the price you are paying. There is different car factors you need to consider. To make a list of the factors cars insurances have, we need to consider a number of factors. Such as the number of customers, their satisfaction, claims satisfaction, settlement, and customer complaint to round some scores you need to know. So, if you are wondering, what are the cheapest car insurances by state you can watch this video:

To assure you have the best car insurance, you need to have certain tips to make your life easier. We give you a list of advices for the car insurance company discounts.

Tips on discount to your auto insurance company

The discount is one of the best way to get your balance sheet on. Here you have 10 types of discounts for your auto insurance company:

auto insurance company
  1. Being married: the fact that you are married it’s a lower risk that being single or being divorced. It means that you are a more stable person and reliable for paying your fees.
  2. Being student under 25 years with good grades of a GPA Plus +3.0. That counts of being a good grade student. And be prepared to have the papers to back up when they ask you for the checking.
  3. Home Ownership makes you a better score compared someone that rents. It seems that you are a more solvent individual with a higher income rating. That somebody who rents the property where they’re living.
  4. Low Mileage in your vehicle it considered a low mileage driver. And by low mileage its considered below 5000 miles. So beware of your ensurer to know that you drive as miles so you can get you a better price.
  5. The security system in your car. Should be active an alarm system, it could be when someone opened the car. Also, is a system that track your car when you have been robbed. They protect a car with satellite signal and you can pay upfront.
  6. Being a safe driver: it’s better when you have no accident, no tickets and no violations. You are considered a safe driver and that will give you a safe driver discount system. That means you are a secure driver on the wheel and a better discount insurance.
  7. The multi cars discount is one of the largest discount policies. When you have a lower price for include more that one car, discounts are biggest and larger to apply. It doesn’t matter if you have two or three cars. The discount policies it’s when you and, let’s say, your mom, have the same car under the same address and put things in the same milestone. The liability is if one of the drivers get into an accident not only can sued the mom, but also the daughter.
  8. Credit and consumer report does make a difference in insurances. That makes your ability to pay your bills. If you have bills, don’t pay your credit, even if you don’t make the loan it’s more risky to ensure you. Also its affect your ability to pay the loans.
  9. More companies gives an early shopper discount. If you purchased in seven days in advance to the end of the discount can be a tricky way to get a discount.
  10. Occupational discounts it’s a discounts that are set by your occupation. You can think about it like insurances companies. Some professions are: doctor, teachers, engineers and degrees. They can opt for better discounts.

Now that you know some tips for auto insurance company you can get discounts or special prices when purchasing your service. In all companies there are discounts when buying more than one insurance. But you can also get a higher price if you are considered a high risk person.

Try to pay your debts on time and you will maintain a good credit status that will make you an ideal client for any company. Geico, Allstate and USAA are some of the most reputable companies, yet each has a different reputation in each state. Check with your friends and review pages to find out what other users are saying.