No matter if you are a first time buyer or you are a long automobile driver, car insurances can be a tricky thing. It’s no easy task to evaluate car insurance fees or the variable working. Here we show you the cheapest options in United States and different tips for choosing your insurance.

Top Cheapest car insurance companies

There are 5 big companies of car insurances in the US that compound over 50 % of the market of cars insurances. This are Geico, Progressive, Liberty mutual, Farmers and Allistale. This companies offer car insurance to regular people. They have different prices, in different zip codes, across the United States. The variables this companies balanced is liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured/underinsures coverage. The ideal driver for this companies are a 40 year old with no records. In a balance, this are the list of prices:

  • Geico: $1,198
  • State Farms: $1,511
  • Progressive: $ 1,766
  • Liberty Mutual: $ 1,778
  • Alistale: $1, 834

There’s also small companies that are not national who can provide a better car insurance. This are smaller companies who can beat the best prices for all the other cars insurance companies. Also they have great costumer services. Companies like Grange, Secura, Cincinati Insurance, Country financial or Erie, can give you a good price by the year.

  • Grange: $605
  • Erie: $835
  • Secura: $872
  • Cincinati Insurance: $968
  • Country Financial: $1,136

Like we said above in this article, cars insurances can be more expensive for old people. But it can be also very expensive if you are a young teenage driver. In this case the inexperience of a teenager driver, can make your insurance more expensive. And in that case, from the insurance companies, the best prices goes for Erie.

Erie insurances

Erie Insurance is named for the homonymous town in Pennsylvania and it’s working since 1925. It’s one of the five best companies settling claims in the nation. 8 of every 10 complains may be claim with a satisfactory costumer experienced. With a long history in the business, with financial stability and reliability have a good rates for young drivers. Also, it offers a great discount for drivers under the age of 21. A fact of that company is that they don’t have an offer available nation wide. And, they has one of the best records settling claims, but they don’t have online claiming system.

What fee I’m gonna pay?

In the US alone more than 250 millions cars need insurances today. When we make a research to find which is the best insurances for us, we have to see which are the types of variables examine, to explain the fee. The fees for that car insurances depends on different factors. This factor could be the following ones:

  • Things like the personal information of the driver: age, occupation, credit score.
  • Also the cars details, like telematics or technology used, or driving attributes like the drivers record on insurances.
  • Also buying coverages. like your behavior during the car insurances buyers can be a variable to the cost or the fees.
car insurance

So, if you’re old, you can expect higher rates in the fee on your car. Because you are more likely to get into an accident. Even so, if your credit scores are higher, you can expect a lower price. Because you are more likely to continue to pay the fees for the insurance. Also, people with lower credit scores are more likely to file an insurance claim, according to him records.

Here are some tips you need to be worry about:

The best car insurance depends on the needs of each person. The vehicle you own, the area where you live, the number of cars you want to insure and also your age.

Having the cheapest insurance doesn’t mean that it’s the best. You have to consider the limit amount that it covers talking about the car the driver. Depending on the state where you live, make comparisons with 2 or 3 insurances that seem more attractive to you. Choose the one that gives you more benefits and is within the range of your budget.