No matter if you are an academic professional or an amateur seeking to get better in your field. Free online courses are a tool for people to improve themselves and getting better in what they are working on.

In this time of Pandemics, when everybody needs to be in-house. For the wellbeing of the community, free online courses are a way to avoid the limitations of the outside world and keeping safe at home.

That doesn’t mean everything’s gonna be depressive and sad. Your wellbeing also implies mental health. And probably, there isn’t a better way for doing it than learning. Learn whatever you want without putting a foot outside your house.

College free opportunities


One of the most prestigious, is Harvard online courses. In here you can find online classes for the oldest educational institution in the US. They count with over 360.000 students from all over the world. Some of the courses they provide are about:

Architectural imagination, introduction to Bioconductor, entrepreneurship in emerging economies, ect.

This free online Harvard courses are the best way to enhance your knowledge. The certificate of this formation online, will let you explore the literature of: William Shakespeare, China’s Communism, and the world religions through their sculpture.

You can even learn about scientific fields like: Data Analysis for Genomics, Data science, or the climate energy challenge.


Another open free online courses are at Yale. The Open Yale Courses offers a medium scape plan for whoever wants to succeed in his education. But it doesn’t have the option of registering himself in this University. Their studies offers a free access to the ones that want to learn in the academic and also non academic world.

With full transcriptions of the lectures and videos of the classrooms. Yale open courses is a great option whenever free courses are demand. There’s no registration required to learn about: The Ancient Roman Empire, The XX Century literature or the Philosophy of Human Nature.

Free online courses Websites

If the academic or traditional field are not your areas, you can find all other kind of knowledge in the web. From programming in the web, to learning how to create video games. There are other platforms that give the option of having the knowledge you didn’t have before. All sort of studies are legitimate to open you a free path to free online courses.

You can find free online courses platforms, where upstream your data and get knowledge. As the internet is all over the world, there’s no reason for you to go to the university to get knowledge, and instead you can go online for it. It may be your field of expectation or other one, but you can find more expertise or just get to a new area of knowledge. There have different kind of platforms where you can find an online course with certificate. Some they: Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, and many others.

In this platforms you can find certificates about thousands of different fields. From beginners, medium and advance level. In this video, talking about: economics, programing, art, culture or academics. You can find a course that fits your personal or professional needs. Or one that get you to a new field where you can find new expectations.

However, not every course in this platform is free. But you can find topics like: psychology, economics, music, audio, traditional for high school at a very low prices that gets you the teachings that you need.

Free online courses

Free courses in the era of internet

For many people, the idea of studying online doesn’t seem very attractive. This is due to ignorance of the proper use of these platforms. There are many courses lasting more than 12 weeks and can be quite long, but with perseverance and discipline you can get knowledge that can help you as a professional.

The free online courses are for everyone. For this reason it offers information in the areas of art, technology, literature, science, mathematics, teaching, health and much more. If you have any doubts with any of the videos, you can repeat it and review the support material that complements the information. Learning is free.