We all have skills that make us stand out in some area. If you are interested in imparting your knowledge in areas such as leadership, marketing, programming, cooking, art, or whatever your specialty is, here we tell you how to build your online course.

Many people decide to teach small classes from YouTube. But, when you think about designing a course you should divide the topic into different modules and explain it step by step to ease learning.

The most recommendable thing is that each lesson you teach lasts between 3 – 10 minutes. In this way it will be much easier for the student to digest the information. To be able to do this division of the course in a structured way and in an intuitive platform we tell you 6 simple platforms to use. From these platforms you can make yourself known.

Platforms to build your online course

If you’re thinking, you can only see online courses as a viewer you are mistaken. You can also build your online course in whatever you want to share your skills and for the reason you did it. In here we show you that there are platforms to create an online courses and make money out of it. Here are the best:

build your online course
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For launching your first online course, Udemy is the best online course marketplace. When the MOOC’s finally arrive Udemy made build your online course possible. This platform today have 24 million enrolled with an instructor base of 35.000. If you want to teach in Udemy, first you have to become a premium instructor. Then you have to course a 30 minute video and five lectures. Also quizzes, coding exercises ans assigments.

The platform offers you a lot of support creating and marketing an online courses. Udemy also have an attractive facebook group, call StudioU. There you can interact with instructors and share ideas among each other.


If you are a writer, photographer, blogger, designer or entrepreneur, here you can teach your creative skills. You will find Skillshare courses related to your profession. You can even create a market for those interests.

There are 22.000 courses, the platform open a membership for students, that gives access to the online courses. If you are a creator, it’s free to sign up and publish a course. But you have to give a part of your earning to skillshare to get paid.

create online course
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Build your online course: Teacheable

Teacheable it’s a software, the best for online creation courses and marketing them. The platform offers many options to save creators to grow and nurture the audience. Build a websites to create your brand. Also, you can create pages for launching your online course, and if you are familiar whit the code, use the Power Editor to modify whatever you like.

The best part is the flexible price. You can choose a price to pay for a single course, and offer courses in group too. Also, can create code of coupon to have a boost in your course sale. Or you can affiliate a marketing option that, allow the user to get a part of the course sale.


For putting a digital storefront, Podia it’s the best site of online creation courses. It let you create a digital content for any virtual store. This tool, let you create a digital download, a membership site or online courses, all part of one digital storefronts.

Every storefront of the Podia Platform, has an overview, a “What’s included section”. Also, a content section, creator bios and FAQ. With an online course you can public immediately to collect emails. If your course has others separate documents, like videos, papers, audios or text, you can sell them as a digital download bundle all together.

make online course
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Do you wanna build a course from scratch? This is the best creation software online. If this is your first online course Thinkific it’s a good online courses platform. It will allow you to be a part of the workers needed of course creation which is simple and right to use templates. Thinkific has templates that provides helpful tools, to make evaluable course.

There are different ways to put the online web at your reach. The different templates will provide helpful questions and tips to build a valuable course. From video lessons, sample quizzes, downloads, surveys, and instructor messages to the student.


If you don’t want or don’t know how create a marketing strategy for your work on autopilot. Kajabi is the best to build your online course. They gives you Marketing superpowers to a course creator without more time in his hands.

This platform has making Pipelines and marketing blueprints. Helping you connect landing pages with a few clics, to course launches, special offers, and other pages. It can also, make you collected emails, to get better marketing for your page. You can even choose what to do with the emails you pick. Maybe you can add them to a sequence, remind a special offer o reply with a thank you to the addressers.

Can you build your online course?

Yes, everyone can make it. If you are starting to teach online, then we recommend that you take two courses to start. You can offer a free one with which you get to know and also offer a more extensive course for those who want more information. Go ahead and build your own course, it can last even 1 hour!