Getting the best car insurance can be a tricky thing. The best insures for you may not be the best for other people, even if its related to you, like your mother or father. It depends on many factors like how well driver are you or how it’s the best way to secure regarding your age and your type of vehicle.

That’s why we offer you a list of companies of car insurances to take a better decision regarding your type of insurance and your type of car or company no matter the day.

best 5 car insurance
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The best 5 car insurance

State Farm

State farm is best for people who want and agent. The company assigns one agent to your doorstep and he can provide information. They try the best to get you the loan you need. It also has a wide variety of discounts, making it more affordable for all kind of people with different systems included for a variety of cars everyone needs. Also is available nationwide, so you can afford to have an insurance in all the United States.

State Farm has the coverage for almost 10 % of the cars in the United States. This company, often pay different premium rates (higher premiums), they enjoy the benefits of the agent, which is something that many companies don’t provide nowadays. State Farm, in his auto insurance also provides extra package like emergency roadside service, travel expenses coverage or coverage of a rental car.


Geico it’s in a certain way, his own animal. This company have a lot of pros in their favor and could be easily the number one. It’s often the most affordable car insurer among the five big ones we are talking here. It has good rates for those involve in an accident. Also has a greater rate for teen drivers, and highly appreciate mobile app for the costumers.

Maybe the customer service is his better attribute, and its available across the United States.

The premiums in Geico are considerably lower than for other companies. This includes people with poor credit scores. With a share of 6,5% of the auto insurance market Geico lower rates also apply to automobile drivers with a bad history and to young drivers. What makes it great to folks on a tight budget. This company is chosen by a number of people for offering the lowest ratings between the automobile industry. One of the main reasons people look this company it’s because of their prices and affordable premiums.

Best car insurance: Progressive

Progressive it’s an auto insurance company for high risk level drivers. If your level of certification it’s not the best or you have been in an accident before, this is your company. It has a very good comparison lines tools for the costumer to get used to it, also it has a good range of discounts available for high risk drivers.

They have a good mobile tools and app available nationwide. Which means you can take the same level of coverage in all the United States. Maybe one of the against is that customer service handling and claims are below average, to say the least.


Allstate is the best company for those with poor credit scores. If you have had one of two pieces of credit in your history you can find the best offer in here for you.

It also has a good mobile app for the client to reach and explore a set of online tools. They have a discount for teenager drivers, who is very good for the unexperienced driver. This company, available nationwide. It’s one of the most precise for all people who don’t have the best scores or have previously had problems with auto insurance.


USAA is best for military families and veterans of the United State of America. If you are a retired veteran of a family group, USAA it’s the company more convenient. The financial services are not in comparison with all the other car insurances. First of all, it has a great customer service, whit great satisfactory ratings. Also has a good online mobile tool so you can search the web for your interests. And it’s available nationwide so in every part of the country you can get the best car insurance.

Choose the best car insurance

Having a car insurance will help you cover the expenses in the event of an accident. Whether for your vehicle or for people involved in a crash. Remember to put an annual budget limit that you will invest so that you look for services based on what you are willing to pay. We also recommend that you compare the prices between the different companies, check the amounts of coverage and the facilities they offer.

With the list that we show you it is easier to choose the best car insurance. Each person has different needs. You must choose a service that meets your needs as a driver and at the same time is within your budget.