When you buy a home, a lot of the money you earn is invested in making it a more comfortable place. But what if a natural disaster occurs or you are robbed? These are circumstances that can affect emotionally and financially. Progressive home insurance is a site that offers you many alternatives to protect everything you have worked for.

Progressive home insurance services

Among the options they offer are:


An insurance service for those who own a condominium or associated house. Normally this is having a lower price because it excludes the coverages that it already has by its associate.

Part of the coverage it offers are:

  • Insurance for your belongings within the site.
  • If you make property improvements such as modifications in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Lawsuits against you.


There are many cities in the United States that may be prone to flooding. Also, many of the insurances don’t offer a shelter to the houses for these situations. It’s an indispensable situation to have a service of this style to be protected from natural disasters.

The most outstanding advantage of progressive home insurance is that its price will always be the same regardless of where you live. This insurance is recommended and supported by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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This service seeks to provide property owners with a wide coverage that protects both their home and the spaces that surround it. For example: shed, backyard, barn.

So, it also protects your personal belongings, the expenses of a temporary home in case of repairs to your home, loss of home, medical payments in case of accidents at home and even lawsuits.


Designed for those people who want to rent their home for a short term. If the home you are using serves as a vacation space or rents a room this may not be covered in your primary insurance.

You can pay only for the days you want to cover, with a largest of 45 nights in a row. Offers personal protection for the host of the home. You will have 18 coverages for as long as you request it and best of all, it can cost less than $ 8 a night.

5.Home Security

Theft and invasion of private property will no longer be a source of distress. With Home Security you can incorporate a professional monitoring system. Progressive home insurance has created simple systems to install without the need for wiring.

The service is activated when it detects an emergency and you can register a keyword to make a call to the police when you say it near the security system. You can also receive alerts on your smartphone, control locks and see what is happening in your home.

How much does the Progressive home insurance cost?

To calculate prices, insurance focuses on the location of the home. The price ranges can be between $ 77 monthly, up to $ 140.

Some of the states where lower service is offered are in: Ohio, Arizona, Delaware, Kentucky, West Virginia, Vermont, Utah, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, District of Columbia.

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If you want to know the complete list of the states that have high, medium and low prices, you can find it here.

But, remember that progressive home insurance quote can vary depending on the type of insurance you choose. But always the cost will be divided by 12 months so that you pay it progressively. Also, if you buy more than one coverage you can choose discounts.

Learn about insurance discounts

Here we will make a brief list of the main discounts they offer:

  1. Owners + car package: 12% discount that is applied to the vehicle policy.
  2. Alarm systems and safety devices: if you purchased home insurance and choose security systems, they can make a plan with discounts.
  3. New purchase: if you have just acquired a new home or there is a change in your tenant policy. To opt for this discount you do nott need a newly built house.
  4. Pay full: to opt for it you only need to pay in advance the 12 months of coverage you want.
  5. New home construction: if it is a newly built home, the discount you have will be greater. The newer, better the insurance offer.

Progressive home insurance contact

If you want to know an estimate of the fee for the service you want, you can request them from its website.

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Progressive home insurance also offers the phone number 1-855-347-3939. You will be able to communicate 24/7 and thus know if it is convenient for what you need.

In the opinion of many of their customers, they rate it as good customer service. Despite the complains registered in the NAIC’s consumer complaint index, they reflect a high capacity to solve the problems of its users.